Graphic Design

As a small business owner, it’s often tempting to slap together something in Office or Photoshop yourself, thinking you’re saving yourself some cash. It’s also tempting to hire your cousin’s best friend’s son to do the work for you because he is good on a computer.

Fact: People form a first impression within the first three seconds of evaluating your business. The look and feel is what they will notice first.

People may not notice the details of the design or the message, but they will form an opinion of you. Why leave corporate identity to amateurs?

Do not leave this important aspect of your business to chance, when you can have it included in your Big Vox Marketing service package at no additional charge and integrate that design into your overall visual communications experience. Our corporate identity designers come from the best schools and are supported by seasoned professionals with years of professional experience. PLUS, our designs are production ready—no unprofessional file formats from Big Vox. We have a rigorous quality control process. If you have a problem with any of our supplied files, we will fix it, no charge. Ever.

What can we design?

Almost anything. Here is a list of some popular requests.

- Logos and identity systems. Everything you need to establish a trademark and help you protect it
- Website layout and navigation design for optimum usability
- Advertisements for print, web and signage
- Retail store signage systems and display concepts
- Tradeshow displays
- Letterhead and corporate stationery
- Promotional merchandise

Click here to selections from our portfolio and read about our success stories.

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