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Wilkuro Safety Toes +

Bottomline Safety

Brand Development

Date: 1993-Present

Created the Wilkuro Safety Toes Brand Identity in the early 1990s and had limited involvement in its development until 2009, when Bottomline Safety, a division of Big Vox Marketing was born. Bottomline Safety has become a brand unto itself and focuses on selling Wilkuro Safety Toes and other PPE gear through its ecommerce site to individuals and businesses in global markets. Bottomline Safety became profitable in its first year of operation and is now a rapidly growing division of Big Vox Marketing. Wilkuro Safety Toes is still working with the initial brand created by Big Vox, then known as Stygmah Design Consultants, although it now handles its own marketing.



Social Media Presence

Date: 2008-Present

VoIPon a global distributor of VoIP Equipment and services, based in the UK, looked to Big Vox following our experience with Sangoma, to help it launch its brand in the then fledgling social media space. Big Vox helped the company launch a successful twitter feed, blog, podcast program, and develop other social media channels while managing its social media presence until VoIPon’s internal staff was comfortable enough to manage these channels. Big Vox continues to consult with VoIPon and Keison International (it’s parent company) as builds its brands.

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Bridgeport Ventures

Investor Geared Branding

Date: 2009-2011

Big Vox assisted Bridgeport Ventures, a rapidly growing mining exploration company, to develop an effective messaging program that was rolled out on its corporate website and across all of its investor communications. Big Vox assisted with implementing the tactical aspects of their branding through assistance with newswire distribution and PowerPoint creation and editing. The visual identity was created through a cooperative company, Better Art Direction and Design and the web development was implemented by strategic partner company, Arsensa.

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Hi-Tech Branding Campaign

Date: 2006-2008

Sangoma, a technology leader in the internet telephony market, needed a strong image that matched their exceptional engineering capabilities. Within a rapidly growing market, this company needed the right marketing mix and brand to drive sales beyond its small niche market. Kathleen Reed, founder of Big Vox, as a contract Marketing Director for Sangoma, helped the Sangoma team build a solid brand identity and integrate it through its communications to encourage sales through the partner channel. Ads like this supported a rapidly growing partner program which generated $1 million plus in online revenue within its first year of operation.

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Branding Campaign

Date: 2004

Leaseboys concept was to get in and get out of your auto lease. It was a pioneer in the market. This sample was printed on an 18x12 glossy sheet and trimmed and folded to a 8.5x11”. This slick brochure the delivered results the customer desired, so much so that more brochures and collateral were developed to support their new brand. After a successful launch, the customer took their marketing in house.