Below is a list of some typical tactical projects that are used to support your growing brand development. Each program is customized to your industry and market and aligned with your objectives. These items are simply examples of some of the work we have done for our customers. Much of the work below can be integrated into your retainer budget so there is no extra cost to you.

Custom Logo Creation

We create a professional logo and corporate identity for your business. We provide you the correct formats for professional print, large format printing, MS office and web use. We provide a standards sheet for your graphic artists to use that sets you up to protect your own trademark. You get three rough concepts to choose from. You choose your favorite of the three for finalization. You are transferred the rights to the mark; however we retain the right to use the mark as part of our client portfolio.

Logo professionalizing

You did your logo yourself and saved some cash. But you went to the printer and they wanted to charge you an arm and a leg to redo it, so that it works with their equipment. Have a professional designer/prepress artist give it a once over for you and provide you the formats needed for your files for a variety of service providers, so that this doesn't happen again.

Logo standards sheet

If you're hiring graphic designers to do work with your brand, you should have a set of standards for them to follow. This will save them time and you money since they do not need to guess at what is right. A logo standards sheet will summarize what is "allowed" with your logo, what is not, what colors should be used and what your company typeface is. This is a short form of a comprehensive identity manual which you may wish to build as your company grows, especially if you have multiple locations dealing with your marketing or plan to franchise. We can help you build a full identity manual and templates too.

Business Card Design

We take your corporate identity and apply it to a business card design that helps you sell.

Print Brokering*

We negotiate a reduced rate for you and you pay us for the cost of the service. Our relationships can save you money!

Web Site Strategy

We work with your web team or ours to help craft an effective online strategy for your product.

Web Site Navigation

We work with you to develop a logical navigation for your site.

Search Engine Optimizing Text

We take the keywords determined by your SEO research and apply it to your website copy.

Web Design*

We provide strategically laid out artwork with an eye to usability and brand building. We understand how the web works and what is or is not possible, saving you money and the developer time. If you need a strong developer at a reasonable cost, we have a number of business partners we can work with on your behalf. NOTE: Design services are included. Development services are additional to any standard retainer plan unless negotiated otherwise.

Writing Original Content

We do our research in conjunction with your feedback and come up with everything from scratch.

Editing Your Draft

You did a draft, we make it shine.


You're pretty happy with what you have. You just need a second and third set of "eyes". Don't worry, if we see something off strategy, we'll tell you. No monkeys working here.

Internationalization/Translation of Literature and Typesetting*

You need work translated. We work with one of our business partners to ensure quality translations. Translation work is quoted separately outside of retainer budget unless otherwise negotiated.

News Release Writing

We write the press release and work with you to get it approved through your internal channels.

News Release Distribution*

We use our wire accounts to get you a great deal and distribute the news on your behalf. Distribution services are billed separately from retainer packages.

Social Media Posting per Release

We post your release on the popular social media sites.

Media Point of Contact Service

You issued a press release, but don't want to field the calls from any interested media yourself, because you are going to be away, you simply aren't comfortable speaking with the media. We can act as your point of contact.

Digital Product Photography with Clipping Paths

Clean, high resolution shots, clipping paths and light retouching is included.

Professional On-Location Photo Shoots*

We source the best independent photographers for your project, manage the process for you. Additional costs are associated for photographer bills and prints for professional shoots. This is not included in any package price.

Training: Introductory Marketing and Brand Building Seminar

Get your leadership up to speed with marketing basics that can be so foreign to so many of us when we start out or are in need of a refresher.

Marketing Staff Recruiting Assistance

We help you interview and find the right candidate to join your team on a full-time basis.

Job Advertisement Writing Assistance and Posting Services*

We help you write the ad so that it recruits individuals that will support your brand identity; recommend where you should post the job and manage the process for you. You cover the costs of the posting.

Other Integrated Services

• Ad Development
• Advertorial Writing
• Booklet
• Brochure Design
• Brochure Writing and design
• Bus Shelter/Transit Ad Design and Placement*
• Business Plan Writing for Investments
• Case Study Writing and Layout
• Direct Mail Letters
• Meeting Planning
• Podcasts and Interviews
• Poster creation
• Proofreading
• Sell Sheet Writing and Layout
• Stationery Design
• Tradeshow Coordination

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